You’ve likely heard of the Tea Party, but have you heard of the Milk Party?

The Milk Party, the brainchild of the Children’s Movement of Florida, a non-partisan advocacy group, is organizing rallies across Florida state to make children the focus of political and policy debates. On the whole, Florida continually ranks as one of the lowest states to support children’s welfare and policy initiatives: almost one out of five children are uninsured, nearly double the national rate of child abuse, and the state’s pre-kindergarten program fails to meet most national standards. It’s no wonder the attendance at these Milk parties have been so great—there’s clearly great cause for concern.

The Milk Party organizers have created a 17 city tour across the state, and the response has been impressive. Most recently, over 1700 people attended a Milk Party in Miami in the middle of a tropical storm. And, according to the Children’s Movement of Florida’s blog, over 15,000 concerned Floridians have attended parties in the past few weeks.

The Milk Party not only signifies a need for improved local, state, and federal policies and programs for children, but it also displays that there is a child advocacy movement alive and well in our country. We applaud the Children’s Movement of Florida for their incredible grassroots advocacy work on behalf of Florida’s children.For more information on the Milk Party, visit the Children’s Movement of Florida website.