Last night, House Leadership notified members of a potential vote on a bipartisan tax package that would make changes to the Child Tax Credit to benefit millions of struggling families. This crucial vote — which could take place next week, as early as Tuesday — would lift around 400,000 children out of poverty in the first year, rising to half a million children by 2025. Unfortunately, this vote is far from a sure thing — which is why we’re asking everyone to reach out and tell their reps in the House and Senate just how important this deal is for our communities.

It has been 754 days since Congress let the enhanced Child Tax Credit expire. In that time, child poverty in the U.S. has gone from an historic low to the largest one-year increase in the nation’s history. This has made it abundantly clear that child poverty is a policy choice. Inaction on this issue is simply unacceptable.

The package would be an important first step toward meaningfully reducing child poverty — which is why every member of Congress needs to hear from their constituents before it’s too late. Please take a moment to be a voice for the millions of children who stand to benefit — and encourage your friends and family to do the same.

Tell Congress: no child should live in poverty — pass the bipartisan tax deal now.