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The Looming Equity Crisis in Children’s Health Care: Federal and State Action Is Needed to Prevent Millions of Children from Losing Medicaid

| July 18, 2022 |

This report — from First Focus on Children, Families USA, and UnidosUS — finds that the country will see its largest drop in children’s

Report: Unaccompanied Children in Emergency Intake Site (EIS) Facilities

| June 21, 2022 |

In May 2022, the Women’s Refugee Commission and First Focus on Children led a delegation of 11 advocacy organizations to the Emergency Intake Site

Children’s Budget 2021

| November 3, 2021 |

The 2021 Children’s Budget book, released on November 3rd, 2021, finds that COVID funding fueled the largest year-to-year increase in the share of federal

Case Study: Utilizing Tax Credits to Alleviate Child Poverty in the United States

| April 26, 2021 |

by: Kathryn Blankenship, Jordyn Florance, Stephanie Lobo, Brittany WalshAmerican University: Education Policy & Leadership Executive Summary This report was commissioned in partnership with a

Recommendations for Prioritizing Children in Opioid Settlement Funding

| March 26, 2021 |

Last year, First Focus on Children and Families USA invited child advocacy, welfare, and health experts to determine how to prioritize substance use prevention,

Children’s Budget 2020

| September 29, 2020 |

About Children’s Budget 20202: First Focus on Children is proud to introduce the 14th annual release of its signature Children’s Budget publication. While the

Establishing a Children’s Commissioner: Lessons from Australia on Creating an Oversight Body for Children’s Issues

| October 31, 2019 |

First Focus on Children commissioned the following report, authored by Oliver Kim. Download the full report here. Executive summary Although the United States has

Children’s Budget 2019

| September 10, 2019 |

First Focus on Children is proud to introduce the 13th annual release of its signature Children’s Budget publication, a comprehensive analysis of how kids

Children’s Budget 2018

| September 20, 2018 |

First Focus is proud to announce the release of Children’s Budget 2018, which captures and analyzes historical funding data and spending trends across a wide

The Harmful Consequences of Work Requirements and Other Obstacles on Children and Families

| May 14, 2018 |

MAY 14, 2018—Each year, effective federal programs give parents the power to provide their children with affordable healthcare, nutritious food, stable housing, and early