Childrens Budget 2008One penny. That is the amount of every new, real non-defense dollar spent on children’s programs by the federal government over the last five years.

Children’s Budget 2008 is a comprehensive guide the over 180 different children’s programs funded by the federal government, from child health and education to child welfare and juvenile justice.

Advocates, policymakers, and program administrators alike will find Children’s Budget 2008 an invaluable resource for all those seeking to improve the lives of America’s youth.

Key Findings:

  • For the past five years, only one penny of every new, real non-defense dollar spent by the federal government has gone to children and children’s programs.
  • Children’s spending makes up only ten percent of the entire non-defense budget.
  • The overall share of federal, non-defense spending going to children’s programs has dropped by ten percent over the past five years.
  • Real discretionary spending on children has declined by more than six percent since 2004, while at the same time all other non-defense discretionary spending has increased by more than 8 percent.

Reversing the Trend:

  • In the short term, expenditures on children should not drop below ten percent of all non-defense spending.
  • Reverse the declining share of spending on kids by steadily increasing the federal investment in children’s programs.