Nearly 52 million children around the world have been documented with childhood COVID and more than 7 million have lost a caregiver to the disease. But COVID’s impact on children around the world doesn’t stop at the number of cases and deaths. The pandemic, and its forced isolation, its economic disruption, have reached into every aspect of children’s lives, from education to family relationships to their physical and mental health and well-being.   

The numbers below only begin to tell that story.  

Vaccine distribution 

Nearly 12 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been administered across 184 countries, but vaccination rates for children around the globe appear to remain low and information is sparse. 

Loss of Caregivers 

Every 12 seconds, a child somewhere in the world loses a mother, or father, or grandparent caregiver to COVID. 

  • 2400: Number of children who have lost a caregiver in Germany 
  • 1,917,100: Number of children who have lost a caregiver in India 

Child labor 

The pandemic stalled global progress toward ending child labor for the first time in 20 years.  

  • 160 million: Number of children currently involved in child labor, or 1-in-10 worldwide 
  • 79 million: Number of children 5-17 doing “hazardous” work — work that endangers their health, safety or morals 
  • 9 million: Number of additional children at risk of entering child labor by end of 2022  


Students globally are eight months behind where they would have been without the pandemic, and impact varies widely. 

Violence against children 

The pandemic disrupted vital protection services, with case management and home visits for at-risk children and women topping the list.