On December 7, 2018, First Focus submitted comments on the proposed public charge rule. In short, the administration’s public charge rule would lead to negative consequences for children of immigrants.


The future of our nation depends on the well-being and success of our children. They are one-quarter of our population, but all of our future. Yet child poverty remains high in the United States and costs the U.S. over $1 trillion a year, representing 5.4 percent of our GDP.Therefore everyone– regardless of socioeconomic status– benefits from strategies that improve child well-being.

The proposed rule’s sweeping changes to long-standing, bipartisan immigration policy determining eligibility for green cards and admission to the United States would jeopardize our country’s economic future through targeting access to health care, nutrition assistance and housing support for tax-paying, legal immigrant households with children.

Read our full comment letter and join us in protecting children and families from this rule change.