A Look Back at the UK Child Poverty Target Transferable Themes for the United States

Released with the Centre for Economic & Social InclusionUS and authored by Natalie Branosky and Jane Mansour, this report is a 14-year retrospective on the UK’s Child Poverty Target, which builds on a UK study visit and comparative studies carried out by First Focus over the past five years. With a new legislative agenda for 2015, Congress has a fresh opportunity to address child poverty and inequality through cooperative, bipartisan means. The UK’s Child Poverty Target is an example of a long-term policy goal, from a country that is an excellent international comparator for the United States given similarities in poverty levels, parliamentary process, policy development, and overall economic performance.

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A Look Back at the UK Child Poverty Target: Transferable Themes for U.S. | Report by @First_Focus @SocInclusionUS: http://bit.ly/1MZvst5
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