In the face of severe budget cuts to public schools by many state and local governments, our students and teachers deserve greater support. We urge our elected officials to stop the budget cuts to public schools and to reassess their priorities.

Nearly 90 percent of American students attend public schools; it is clear that no greater investment can be made in our families, communities and our economy than improving public education. Our communities need good public schools to thrive economically and parents are the most important partner of public schools.

Parents for Public Schools, a national nonprofit organization, is urging parents and supporters across the country to “Speak Up for Public Schools!”

You can sign this petition expressing your support for strong public education – telling our leaders at the state, local and federal level that education should be their top priority, and that we need greater investment and attention to education, not less.

Join Parents for Public Schools‘ “Speak Up for Public Schools!” campaign, and join the many citizens across the nation who believe in public education!