Health care is critical for children’s growth and development. The federal Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and Medicaid provide quality, affordable care for millions of children who would otherwise be uninsured. Thanks largely to CHIP, the rate of uninsurance among children has dropped to record lows, and First Focus is committed to protecting this success story.


Report says more than 4,000 NY children lost a caregiver due to COVID-19

| December 11, 2020 |

Between March and July of this year, 4,200 children in New York State lost a parent or caregiver to COVID-19. Four-thousand, two-hundred individual children.

Comments on Indiana’s Section 1115 waiver to expand postpartum Medicaid coverage

| December 9, 2020 |

First Focus on Children submitted the following comment to the Department of Health and Human Services supporting the expansion of postpartum Medicaid coverage. Excerpt

European Court of Human Rights embraces case charging that climate change violates children’s human rights

| December 7, 2020 |

The European Court of Human Rights has accepted — and fast-tracked — a case asserting that climate change violates children’s human rights. The lawsuit,

Comments on the Securing Updated and Necessary Statutory Evaluations Timely Rule

| December 7, 2020 |

First Focus on Children submitted the following comment to the Department of Health and Human Services urging them to immediately withdraw the proposed “Regulations

Key Stats on the Effect of COVID-19 on Kids

| November 19, 2020 |

The COVID-19 pandemic is doing more than exposing the racial, ethnic, and economic disparities existing in our society; it is compounding them, and so

Make CHIP permanent — before it’s too late

| November 17, 2020 |

The U.S. Supreme Court — now with a full slate of justices — has just heard a case to overturn the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Nearly 1 Million Children Infected with COVID-19 Since Pandemic Began

| November 12, 2020 |

Nearly 1 million children across the United States have been infected with COVID-19 since the pandemic began, according to a new report by The

Confusing arguments, clear benefits: The Affordable Care Act is good for kids

| November 12, 2020 |

The United States Supreme Court heard yet another case this week that could bring down the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, known as

Today, kids & the ACA face another — more acute — threat at the Supreme Court

| November 10, 2020 |

One thing stood out as last week’s election results rolled in: voters want their elected officials to stand up for kids.  As my colleague

Georgia waiver ending federal marketplace could push rate of uninsured children even higher

| November 4, 2020 |

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid have approved Georgia’s 1332 State Relief and Empowerment waiver, allowing the state to exit the federal insurance marketplace.